Tuesday, June 5, 2012

A letter to Vijakala Mahesweran – the only UNP MP in the North

Now that Sambanthan has really shown his colors as one not interested in a solution for the Tamil speaking people in the North and East, it is clear that with the UPFA on one pole and the TNA on the other pole it leaves only you as the UNP representative in the North to take on the mantle, as standard bearer for the Tamil people and begin your campaign in earnest to convince all that UNP is the only option for a speedy resolution to the issues of the day.

There is no point anymore paying lip service to the TNA as the sole representative of the Tamil people as they have clearly shown their true colors as not being interested in the people but on some distant dream that keeps them alive. Once and for all it is up to the people show the country that they mean business and that they do not need the TNA to represent their interests and they have clearly abrogated that right, effectively reducing the people in the north to be governed by a bunch of ill disciplined baboons in the guise of Douglas Devananda’s thugs or TNA goons, neither of whom has achieved any solace for the majority of people living in these areas that are being subjugated by a state not serious about any resolution, which they can blame on the intransigence of the TNA.

It is only you who can change that status quo. It is asking a lot of you, and as you are a female and young with a young family handing over the mantle of this very onerous task is not an easy one. However, it is important that one can begin, and to me who better than a young lady to show the grown men what you can do in the interests of your community. It is your time to shine. It is your destiny to show, and it is your community which needs a new face, a new leader and a new beginning.

The UNP has not pushed you into something you cannot take on board, so it is waiting for you to ask for that mantle. Ask and you shall receive and the world is at your feet to take on this very important task of nation building which the President has singularly failed, and let us show him that a petite young lassie from the North can do what an arrogant bumptious old man from the South could not. It is merely to bring to the communities in Sri Lanka as one under one flag and one political party, that represents the interests of all Sri Lankans no matter what race, religion or other division they claim to hail from.

It is time that people finally woke up and realized that the TNA does not represent the interests of those who live in the North and East and perhaps only those who live overseas!! So it is up to the UNP to take up the Nationalist mantle and unify this divided nation, which over the past three years has polarized into two opposite camps and which only the UNP can bring together again.

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