Thursday, June 7, 2012

So guess who tells his babes not to attend Diplomatic Functions

If a sense of paranoia was not enough, we have MR telling his Ministers and MPs not to attend any parties given by diplomatic missions, especially those with which we DO NOT have friendly relations!!

Apparently the reason given was that they are trying to get classified information useful to those governments, and so he or the Presidential Secretariat will decide on the token government nominee to attend these functions!

If there was any arrant rubbish uttered from anyone’s mouth this must beat the cake! After all it is a well known fact amongst diplomatic circles how uncouth our drunken ministers are when they have had a bit too much to drink. They just cannot take hard liquor neat, just used to their pol arrakku and think they can hold their drink. It is the stupid blabbing of our so called state secrets that MR was referring to no doubt, misinformation, I am sure the diplomatic mission does not want to be fed.

Of course this will piss those who love to go to these parties, the so called ones who bash the west on a daily basis and die to get invited to US Embassy dos, as they want to be seen to know the US Ambassador. I have never known a bunch of more hypocritical people who just love to smooch at these mission events, to get to know these embassy types, so they can get a visa for a favorite by taking a huge bribe or send a child overseas, to the very country they chastise.

Both the hilarity of the order and the even more hilarious undertones of complaints that lokka has shut them off a cheap booze evening, are worthy of listening to, if only to have a good laugh at their expense. We have such a pathetic bunch of government politicians who are so desperate to get invited, they engage in all sorts of more weird schemes to get an invitation, even making up some title that fools the mission into thinking they actually have some connection with that embassy.

One last point as to who are considered enemies is a very hard one to pin point, as some of our biggest trading partners are technically those who we have the most beef against. So here’s to another silly dictum from our supreme leader, which will not even be entertained by his subordinates, as he seems powerless to enforce this regulation, as time will show!

Furthermore, he is immune from his own rules, as he is the worst offender, spilling state secrets at dinner to show he does not care and to get brownie points from his hosts. Their currently exists one law for MR and one for the rest of us.

The sooner we highlight how two faced the incumbent President is, and how much he craves the spotlight, the better chance we have of defeating him in the next election.

The incumbency is hard to dislodge, so we must make an extra effort to broadcast the facts, and let the people determine who they want.

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