Tuesday, September 18, 2012

When you lose your right to be Chief Minister then you become a Presidential Advisor! So all advisors are losers right!

In a country with a world record of Presidential Advisors, adding a few more seems to debase the whole position majorly, as they are now dime a dozen. When you do not want to offend a subject who has been relegated to a has been, or demoted he becomes a transfer to a Presidential Advisor. So any Presidential Advisor worth his dignity should resign that position, as otherwise the label attached to him becomes a complete farce.

Now that Pillayan who has been removed from the Eastern Province’s Chief Minister post, he has been given a largely ceremonial, high cost to the state job of a Presidential Advisor on nothing in particular just like the hundreds of other Presidential Advisors on NOTHING! Will this be the same story for Mahipala and Bertie Premalal? Let us see in a few day how that pans out.

The way we accept such abuse of Presidential conduct without as much as a murmur is indicative of the complete disregard of the general public. Is it also uncaring attitude to this type of foolish childish and extravagant profligacy of State Resources, that Servants of the State indulge in?

We must at least be aware of the level of wastage so as not hurt egos, as simply put that is all this elevation in name is. If we have public and elected officials with such pompous attitudes to their self importance, woe be it for the general public to underwrite these costs without as much as a protest.

One thing must be said, that as a political animal of the most calculating kind, we cannot find anyone in Sri Lanka to match the mastery of the President. However when the country’s resources are wasted and made use of in this manner all patriots of Sri Lanka must rise against tyranny and the harm that selfish people can do to country without a thought to its welfare.

This is therefore an appeal to the reader to think of the true effect of these examples of actions from the highest officer in the land who has taken an oath to protect the state, who continues without hesitation to disregard all sense of propriety and act as an enemy of the state in all his dealings.

It is regrettable that we continue to bestow trust in such an individual, who has shown by acts of this sort to be an enemy of the state, acting against all decent norms in the massive hoodwinking exercise, not realizing his folly. 

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  1. "... not realizing his folly"??? I wonder!

    If, as you say "One thing must be said, that as a political animal of the most calculating kind, we cannot find anyone in Sri Lanka to match the mastery of the President", then surely he MUST "realize his folly"???

    Actually it seems more likely that he realizes EXACTLY what he is doing - and couldn't care less!