Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Its too Fishy for words! – Suddenly saying “HE WAS NOT ASSAULTED”

Consider this. A police complaint is made against a habitual batterer about being beaten up by him and his goons, (not for the first time). Then the Police fail to arrest the alleged perpetrator, a well known personality who goes about freely in public and was not arrested despite being in public. Then he gives himself up to the police and is remanded, in hospital as it is a cushy place for VIP remandees. Then when the suspect is brought to court, the lawyer representing the person making the initial complaint, now issues an affidavit that he lied to the police and that he was not assaulted!!!!

So now the Major should be taken in for contempt. He lied to the police and surely there must be some form of penalty for that! Is that called perjury or what? So this whole farce involving Ministerial and ex Ministerial siblings using MSD protectors to defend them against all the rules, goes scot free!!

This is a true story that usually only happens in Sri Lanka, as the law is treated like an ASS. All are complicit in this. The guilty perpetrator, the police who fail to arrest him, the lawyers who are making the horse-trading deals behind the scenes, and the media that reports facts, without casting judgments, as it appears quite normal that yet another case is closed!!

None of this should happen. It should not reach the news, and it should be dealt with strictly according to the law. The people of this country are long suffering and put up with a lot of shit and continue to do so because they do not have a backbone to fight these elected law breakers and their offspring.

Sri Lanka will never fail to be the laughing stock of the world, until they have the sense to clean up the act and be seen if not in reality to clean up after their own shit. It is solely the politicians and the people who send them to these places that must take the responsibility of denigrating this country to this level. Upstanding individuals of integrity do not appear to have a place in this society. It is sad that only the dregs of humanity have some position and are admired. It says a lot about the moral character of the Sri Lankan people who fail to understand right and wrong and good and bad to accept such absurd scenarios as explained above.

Let us hope that soon there will be an element of justice, integrity, and common sense will creep into society, and realize that they have been had by the scoundrels in power, and send them all to the gallows as a lesson to all!

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