Saturday, September 8, 2012

Tiran Alles’s resignation is not a surprise. What took you so long?

The MR TA master plan is still working. It was first to put SF in jail on trumped up charges during the period he was perceived as a threat to the direct and despotic rule of the former. Then it was felt it was  time release him when he was no longer a threat if he was outside, and more of a rallying point against the Govt. when inside. So TA was the go between yet again.

The reader MUST understand that MR paid TA the money to give Prabarkaran to force the Tamils NOT to vote in the 2005 Presidential which effective brought MR into power. TA kept some of the money with him and started his papers, the Maubima and the Ceylon Today. Remember it was launched on MR birthday last November with a glitzy supplement of the birthday cum anniversary of MRs presidency.

Now that job is done. SF is a lost cause, with no party, no backing and no one to listen to him, so it is convenient for TA to leave the party. As he is a National List MP, he may have to leave the party and join as a National List MP in the govt. I am not sure of that particular route. That is if he is to be given a ministry in the next cabinet expected to be announced shortly after the latest provincial council elections.

A victim of his own stupidity and incredible ego, Sarath Fonseka, now made destitute by his lack of pension, other basic rights, finds his godfather and paymaster who even supplied the money to pay the phone bills for the Fonseka Household, gone. The tragic figure of SF will fade into history and who in years to come will be written about by historians as having paid a price for his personality defects, despite being a great tactician responsible in ruthless and large part for the complete battlefield victory over the LTTE.

Tiran Alles has some life left in him playing a game of hate, who with Killi Maharajah continue to destabilize the UNP of Ranil Wickremasinghe, who is seen as the only real alternative to the MR dictatorship and therefore as the only threat that needs containment by use of the Media, which both have, and put to maximum effect at the expense of the foolish readers/viewers, who do not understand what happens under their very noses.

So another chapter unfolds, the foolish still believe the nonsense fed to them, and live in ignorance, whilst the very fabric of democracy and justice is pulled out from under their own feet without them realizing it!!! 

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