Monday, September 3, 2012

The President continues to lie even at the SLFP Convention – How low can one stoop to fool the masses!

Sadly no one dares to tell the truth for fear of the White Van!

This time the mud on your Sudu Sarama and Satakaya will stick! You can bet on it. Don’t try to wriggle out of your responsibility.

The recently held SLFP 61st Anniversary Convention in Kegalle (2nd Dept. 2012) was addressed by the President. The main theme as reported in the Press was his allegation that the Opposition parties were using Children for their political ends, spreading rumors to them, and burdening children unnecessarily.

I attach a web link here of one of the web reports of his demands

The facts are not in dispute. The Education Department and UGC, which is under the control of the Education Ministry completely messed up in the calculation of the Z score for the A level results of August 2011 exams, published on December 25th 2011, and which were disputed within hours. It took a lot of convincing until the Govt. finally relented and agreed they were erroneous and reissued them on June 26th 2012. This has further exacerbated the situation as another segment of students received results different to their expectations creating further tensions, and even attempted suicides. The issue today 3rd September 2012 has not been resolved, even though the Supreme Court has requested the Department and the UGC to be fair by all. The Students are heavily burdened and the opposition is trying to do their best to solve the problem, by holding rallies meetings and seminars even in the Parliamentary Complex to hear the personal grievances of those affected. The burdening by inaction is on the part of the Government.

I am not going into the FUTA demands, A level question problem, the Grade 5 exam issue, or the marking delays, and only consider the Z score. If the Govt. shies away from responsibility for this after over a year of crisis, and blames the Opposition they are out of their minds. So is the President. He obviously cannot take responsibility for crises under his watch. It is a shame that people have given him so much light, without realizing how dark a period we have had to endure with the shameless pomposity and lack of humility of being able accept responsibility and do something about it.

The term ‘water off a ducks back’ is not the way he should try and slime out of day to day issues and blame them on others. Only a confident leader of integrity can accept fallible action, and then move on to correct the mistakes.  

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