Saturday, September 22, 2012

People believe that the Major had made mistake in identification

What hope has Sri Lanka when people believe that the Major made a mistake in implicating Malaka Silva, his friend and the security goons in beating him up? When such an obvious lie is perpetrated after the initial complaints are lodged and the accused are remanded, for people to think otherwise beggars belief. However that is the true condition of the State.

No wonder then that people believe the lies that the ruling family spew forth on a daily basis on every form of event and item. This translates into electoral success for them, and so we are led to believe that democracy flourishes in Sri Lanka, for even the gullible CPA conference delegates to repeat. Surely has no one seen the CCTV coverage of the incident!!

The reason this lie has got out of hand is that even in the international arena, the LTTE lie of justifying their existence is finally being laid bare, and so the Sri Lankan Government by implication is claiming the moral high ground of saying “I told you so all these years and you did not believe it, and now you see it for what it truly is.”

The crafty terrorist outfit has been able to trick the Tamil Diaspora, most of whom have either never been to Sri Lanka or left when their memories were hazy, are easily led due to incidents of racial attacks in the past, just as they have occurred in the host countries they have adopted as their new homes, on the original inhabitants of those homelands where those inhabitants have been made almost extinct. If one were to name a few, the Maoris in New Zealand, the Aboriginals in Australia, the American Indian in the USA and Canada and hairy Vikings in the UK!!

In this guise of naming and shaming these LTTE sympathizers on incorrect blame, the dictatorship that currently rules Sri Lanka seek to find respectability and appear able to fool a few people both in the Country and out of their honest intentions. In doing so their real aims are hidden, their plunder of the ‘National Assets’ goes on without opposition and the stage masters handle the PR of the Junta with aplomb.

It then falls on the truly nationalistic people who really care about their country to enlighten the citizenry to what is taking place. The direct results of this plunder are not felt by the rural poor who are fed another diet of promises and lies and so continue to support this waste out of ignorance.

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