Wednesday, September 19, 2012

The absurdity of the Sri Lanka Muslim Congress and their motives

It is with regret that people of the country fail to understand some of the motives of the minority parties, especially those that act to divide the country, such as the TNA and the SLMC, to get their vote exclusively from the respective communities that they directly appeal to and expect total dedication to as they purport to represent the interests of those exclusive communities only.

In a democracy it is very unhealthy to have political parties that only defend the interests of a religious or ethnic grouping, especially when in majority, like in the case of the Jathika Hela Urumaya, that defends the rights of the Sinhala speaking Buddhists. The TNA that defend the interests of Ethnic Tamil people who mainly hail from South India, but in reality reserved for just those with a heritage of having lived in the Northern and Eastern Parts of the country as having some exclusive jurisdiction over a part of the country, or the SLMC which somehow purports to represent the interests of people of Islam is only bound to isolate these communities in the eyes of the majority community.

In all democracies there live minorities, be it religious or ethnic minorities. It is important that their rights are enshrined in the Constitution, which they are in Sri Lanka and protected by the Government in power, which currently is questionable. This government therefore by its very action continues to antagonize these communities, justifying the necessity for these fringe religious and ethnic parties. These acts breed resentment and exclusion.

It is essential that we have a National Government of a party that represents the rights of all people, not calling them minorities, and treats all people equally, something that is patently not apparent under this regime, that says one thing for public and international consumption and acts in a completely different manner.

The SLMC platform was completely anti government, proscribing the acts of the Government which led people in the indirect prejudice against Muslims and their places of worship. They obtained a vote by such broadcasts as defending the rights of Muslims against the acts of the State, and then immediately proceed to join the Government in forming the Eastern Provincial Council, getting a promise of a future Chief Minister ship for them and positions in the ministries in the Eastern Province. How wrong is that?

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