Monday, September 3, 2012

A mockery of Election Laws – making announcements during a Election Period of the appointment of 20,000 graduates to the Public Service.

The recent announcement of taking in mainly “unemployable” Arts Graduates into Public Service, with Basil Rajapakse’s Economic Development Ministry taking 16,800 alone is nothing more than an election gimmick in a time when the bureaucracy is bloated, and most of these graduates are not qualified in any worthwhile field, incapable of performing better than even A level qualified students whose flexibilities and expectations are more realistic, and who would be able to perform the duties assigned to graduates in a more effective and productive manner.

See the following web caption for further information on the subject above:

Further the use of A level unemployed students will be cheaper and they can be easily trained. Graduates come to work with certain expectations that cannot be fulfilled.

Be that as it may, many of these people have been given to various Divisional Secretariats to work with nowhere for them to sit, and many are now drawing the Rs10,000 basic salary, often coming to the office once a week to sign in as the place has not prepared or accommodated these hastily recruited graduates, done for political expediency and not need!

So taking 20,000 public employees by September 10th is a clear election gimmick that is going to cost the State, already heavily overburdened by an inefficient and rigid Public Sector. This normal career path for graduates seems both a waste of University Teaching, as they can perform better with lower qualifications, and also stifling of any creativity they may have.

It is important that the financial aspects of this type of recruitment is considered before such rash and unacceptable numbers are taken into the permanent carder of the Public Sector, usually by letters from UPFA party secretaries in their local village branches, making it a political favors assignment devoid of capability or adequate competency for the job assigned to them. This politicization of jobs further disillusions the competent and able and any person with a sane mind will look to further his or her career opportunities in a fairer environment in the Private Sector, which then leaves a highly politicized public sector beholden to the Govt. remaining.

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