Thursday, September 20, 2012

SM Ranjith/Berti Saga – SM Chandresena thinks he is doing a favor!

This ridiculous charade that SM Chandresena, the Minister of Wildlife and Agrarian Services, engages in by resigning his Ministerial portfolio so his brother can get the Chief Ministership of the North Central Province is too nonsensical to be taken seriously. After all in a country where one family holds all the cards to the war chest and power, for a non entity to say that his position restricts his brother’s rise is a patent falsehood.

SM Chandresena who has let down all the farmers in the NCP, also holding the post of the President of the NCP farmers organization is also a joke. The fact that the electors in the province can be fooled yet again by their own farming captain, who has not defended the rights of the farmers, further erodes the credibility of his tenuous ties to farming.

So this is another publicity stunt of an incompetent minister who should be fired for his incompetence, saying he is resigning for the good of the people of the NCP, is an insult to the people. Readers please know when someone offers to resign in Sri Lanka it is to save face from being fired, where the word is please resign or you will be fired!! That is the reality. However there are many others in government who must face the same fate, but are there due to their political and bumsucking ability, and who in time will be disposed of when their value diminishes.

The Wildlife Department is a disgrace, with no proper Director of Wildlife, with the huge responsibility of protecting the domain assigned to him. For one to be given that portfolio along with Agrarian Services in a bloated 100 minister government says a lot for the priorities assigned to both. The desecration of forests and wildlife is a disgrace to the Country.

There will be no love lost by this smoke and mirror resignation of a Minister who will undoubtedly be looking for some other sinecure to line his pockets. It is very regretful that there is no proper accountability for the actions of such people who continue to pretend to be servants of the state when they continue to waste the resources and worse desecrate and plunder the wealth of the Country, as there is no one able to fight them, due to the protection they receive from the highest in the land.

With regard to the new appointee, it will be another local chief, ready to plunder whatever the previous incumbent failed to do, a reflection of society.

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  1. hon. berty dissanayake is the most suitable and experienced person for chief minister portfolio.