Saturday, September 22, 2012

Frederica Janz - sacked by the Sunday Leader

I was never a fan of Lal’s ownership or Frederica’s Editorship, because both were achieved by dubious and deceitful means that the two aforementioned know. So in a manner of speaking they got what they deserve.
However on a different point of media freedom, the threats that owners of media face by the repressive policies of the regime, have muzzled all journalists, including those at the Sunday Leader, though the poor reader starved for some balanced news got the feeling that the Sunday Leader was actually balanced because they engaged some a few dubious worthless anti govt. bashing without getting at the blood and guts of the real state of Nation and its level of governance. They did not even get at the tip of the iceberg of massive con a few at the top are engaged in.
Journalists are not wealthy people and have to earn a living so they toe the line or leave the country. They have NO freedom to express anything. Even provincial journalists are beholden to the local politician thugs as otherwise they will not be able to live there or be given news items from which they can make a living. We must admit that true independence of journalists is absent in Sri Lanka as all Owners however balanced they are try to survive.
It is sad that two of those conners have now admitted to taking it over and good luck to them to see if they can make it work, whatever they intend to do with it. The public are obviously fools if they continue to patronize these publications, but it is their right to exercise their ignorance in any manner they wish.
It then only leaves the digital media, citizen journalist working for no pay and fearing for his life to fill the void, and I appeal to freedom loving patriots to take this lost space on their own, to bring out their personal experiences of the mismanagement and wholesale plunder of the nations wealth by a few. One day when the numbers of people who realize the extent of this take a stand we may be able to change the future direction. Until then it is a fools paradise.
God help mother Sri Lanka until its citizens wake up from their utterly uncaring slumber, without blaming or expecting other people to fight their battles on their behalf. It has to be unanimous, and instantaneous.
So citizen journalist blog to the rest of the citizens about your experiences so we can collect all the evidence against these crooks and one day bring them all to justice, the jury being the hardworking, patriotic and proud people of Sri Lanka, non of whom are currently in this Government!

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