Thursday, September 20, 2012

Guneratne has to eat humble pie as he has no clue about the law!

The Self publicity seeker who has done more harm than anyone else in the short term to the prospects of the UNP and can easily be construed as a “Mahindata kade yana karaya” by his very actions, has yet again been shown to be a charlatan.

His case against the UNP, regarding the extension of the term of the UNP leader was dropped, as there was no amendment to the UNP constitution to that effect, and any fool knew that from the start when the proposal was put to the Working Committee and adopted, much to the chagrin of the Party Leader Mr. Ranil Wickremesinghe who wanted no part of it.

The facts as usual get completely muddied in the Sri Lankan press, so for the record, Mr Tilak Marapane was appointed to a committee or commission to look into the best way for the party leader to be appointed, elected and the term they should serve before having to face an election. This was as a result of the patent absurdity of the party leader having to be elected every year, which is non-sensical as it does not give anyone free reign to clear the crap and start afresh. Mr Marapane felt anyone elected to the leadership needs a term of 6 years to unify the party under a new leadership and put across a plan to win the General Election within that period. Mr Wickremasinghe wanted 4 but Marapane said it was important that a new leader has at least 6 years before facing election, as within that period he or she can show if they have what it takes to lead the party and hopefully the country.

Mr Guneratne who is in a maniacal anti Ranil Wickremasinghe stance possibly at the behest of MR, does not seem to get it or if he does, does not want to face reality and so tries his best get publicity by making dubious challenges. It is now high time that the courts stop making a mockery by permitting such perennial losers the freedom to upset the inner workings of the largest Political Party in Sri Lanka by such means so as to further denigrate the perception about the party, instigated by the massive media campaign by the Government and their stooges.

The informed public must realize that the real loser out of Maithri Guneratne’s antics is Sajith Premadasa who the President dislikes more than Ranil. Now he will have to face an election within a year of his being elected and he is sure to lose as his performance will not be up to par in such a short period!! SAY NO MORE!!!! Case closed.

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