Saturday, September 8, 2012

The politics of murder! A continuing saga to remain in power

It is clear this government is in power today because of a promise to kill their own citizens, though the citizens themselves who voted them in did not realize that they voted for their murder.

Now what is that? It is simply the “Fertilizer Subsidy”. It gives the poorest of the poor, the peasant farmers of Sri Lanka the chance to purchase, highly toxic, highly dangerous Chemical Fertilizers for Rs350/50kg when the market price for which it is bought and brought to the farmer exceeds Rs4000/50kg inclusive of bribes and backhanders to various govt. stooges who procure, transport, and distribute such. The difference is the Fertilizer Subsidy of a total of Rs50B a year. By the way Sri Lanka has the highest per capita use of chemical fertilizers in all of South Asia.

The voters, the farmers who have been tricked into voting for this killer, have been duped. In short due to the CKDUE (chronic kidney disease of unknown etiology) which is now known to be caused by a combination of the fertilizer, the pesticides and the type of water in certain areas that mix in a manner that is poisonous to the injester, kills at least 30 people a day in the causal areas.

So we have in power a murderous govt. which is getting away with murder, as the people who vote them in and continue to do so are themselves allowing a continuation of the murder to take place. My point is in order to only use the minimum required chemical so it does not leach in the ground by overuse, we much charge a rate more commensurate with zero wastage. I put it at Rs2,500/50kg when usage will be strictly on an as needed basis.

I expect a drop in the crop of about 5% due to this, but a saving in subsidy of Rs35B is worth a drop of this magnitude which can be more than compensated for by better transport and storage techniques that further reduce wastage.

So when murder in chief Maithripala Sirisena today urged the use of more organic fertilizer it is just for effect and not for real. For real is taking the action I have suggested. Stop conning the farmer for votes, stop murdering your supporters, one day there will be none left, by which time your whole country would be poisoned. Heed common sense and stop voting for liars, cheats, and people who make money at the expense of the poor farmers.

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