Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Was he kicked or not? Did he resign or not? Chris Nonis Saga

The dregs of Sri Lanka politics, in this case that person who masquerades as an MP and worse uses his uneducated ness to boss the whole Foreign Service cadre around was unsurprisingly involved in a kicking incident.

What do you expect from touts such as this who think that Blue Label is alcohol, and worse who cannot hold their drink and then act in their true colors of abuse, violence, and vitriol. When it was finished, the SL High Commissioner to the UK was kicked mercilessly in his butt, and the former SL High Commissioner was abused like a prostitute, who like a prostitute is paid to take abuse, and therefore MUMS the word, not budging from a position as the current foreign secretary, as it suits her to hob nob with the hoy paloy underworld, who run this country, and she is now a transformed underworld vixen to boot!

So when word was first out that the HC Nonis, had resigned, and lately that the President has asked him to stay, having dispatched Gamini Senerath to London to save the day, so that this kind of abuse could continue is just added fuel to the Saga of gossip that is sweeping the boring banter in Colombo drawing rooms and clubs.

There is no smoke without fire, and so we must believe that something untoward happened at a New York home of a Rajapakse sycophant that led to the fracas and the President’s intervention to prevent this news from hitting the media, and which as a result is spreading like wildfire throughout Colombo’s gossiping class.

Nonis’ star will wane if there is NO resignation, as they will interpret that if he suffers any indignity in his rise up the greasy pole of Sri Lankan politics is at the expense of prostituting himself at every level to get what he wants, and he is willing to undergo any torture to try and achieve his personal political goals, as he possibly believes that his pinnacle as a business tycoon has been achieved, and the highest Diplomatic Posting has been achieved and now it is a political post such as an MP in the parliament and then a Foreign Ministership that is only for Sajin to present!

It is shameful that Sri Lankans and in his case a Britisher, has swooped to such low levels in pursuit of their life ambitions, but who am I to prevent such aspirants from reaching their objectives, but just to forewarn the Sri Lankan public that it is such people with sick objectives that we entrust the Country’s future with.

I don’t know the end of it, and in the  next few days we will find out more of what has happened and the steps to be taken, but there will be NO surprises form such ilk!    

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