Friday, October 3, 2014

If Basil is a “dairy farmer” I am a cow with calf!

Asinine statements by people who have allowed power of a title to go to their head have now made a habit of hallucinating in their sleep. For a minister who only has got used to demanding his share of every deal, so much so that most deals that come his way have not materialized owing to sheer greed, and the hapless citizens who would have benefitted from those investments, none the wiser, as they are blissfully fed gibberish that is accepted unquestioningly.

So in the same vein there will be the highly educated, really uneducated in Sri Lanka who will no doubt believe what he says, and he knows it, so that Mr 30% will carry on as Mr know nothing pulling at the cows udder as that is all he is fit to be doing as a farmer as he does not have an agricultural qualification and therefore like most of those in Sri Lanka pulling at cow’s udders is just an unknowing dairy farmer who we have foolishly let loose on handling some big spending Ministry.

He cannot have it both ways. He is either a dairy farmer who milks his cows, or he is an important educated person who is in charge of an important Ministerial Portfolio.

Basil it is time you make your decision and abide by it, and not con your non-fellow citizens. After all you are an American telling people in Sri Lanka a pack of lies when you have taken an Oath to defend the Constitution of the United States to the best of your ability.

Actually since MR came to power, and despite all the claims made about the Country becoming self-sufficient in Milk production, all you have done is import Cows not suited to Sri Lanka’s climate, and if you doubt my statement poll the Vets in Sri Lanka on a secret ballot and they will tell you that we can do it with the stock in Sri Lanka organized in a better way, where the cold climates anyway automatically gives a cow double the production. However it is clear that Basil and for that manner any parliamentarian knows anything about animal husbandry.

Worse commissions have been earned on this import, at the expense of the Country, so there is a further erosion of the logic of such a project. Any person with common sense will realize that we really have a team of hallucinating Ministers led by one not fit to rule, as the difference between what is said and what is done is so far apart, that it amounts to the opposite of what is promised. Readers you decide.    

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