Tuesday, September 30, 2014

The Bodu Bala Convention – Hot air for nobodies trying to be somebodies!

Last Sunday’s gathering of a polyglot of robed men, some of them rogues in sheep’s clothing, were involved in a massive plot to fool the gullible public, most notably the Muslim community, but also the Christian and Hindu Communities too, to a lesser extent.

Their laughable attempt to fool the few and most notably the idiotic press who follow their words as if there is ANY truth to what they say is regrettable as they are taking advantage of the ignorant public, much like the way the Catholic Church in the middle ages fooled people during the age of the Crusaders. Been there done that!!

This is an attempt by a few angry men in robes, who feel that Buddhism is paying the price of rapid economic development, which is completely at odds with the Buddhist ethos of attempting to reduce craving!

Whilst in a future blog I will try and enunciate more clearly where they should ideally concentrate their efforts in saving this Country from destruction. Bashing Muslims and other religions DO NOT figure at ALL in my recommendation for their real need for longevity. I don’t know if they realize it or not but this un-Buddhist racist ideology they profess to strike fear amongst already spineless people in Sri Lanka, whilst giving them a short term advantage, will in the long term damn them into oblivion.

Personally, the Rabid dogs of the Hela Urumaya, are just that DOGS. BBS can actually rise up from that moniker and do something about actually ensuring the continuity of Sri Lanka as a country, and do some serious work in attempting to educate the people on the destructive policies of the Country, that is ruining its Environment, polluting the minds of the people by a polluted ethos of a family that is robbing the Country in broad daylight with impunity, and if unchecked will lead to the wholesale destruction of the Country, where it does NOT matter who lives in it, all will be lost to all.

The most important thing to realize is that even such ignorant, badly led monks, might be able to resurrect some real form of patriotism, love for the Country, from the present hatred of other beliefs, and if history is an example, it is better to show them the light, than damn them in hell. 

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