Thursday, October 2, 2014

What are we waiting for? Lets just kick the brutes out!

Is anyone now questioning that they have been completely let down the garden path by the constant media rhetoric, that is daily pumped out mercilessly by the

Rajapakse Regime of Reckless Recidivist Rajapaksa Rapacious Rapscallion Rascals.

It is time to take stock, and realize that we can do something about it, and make our feelings known. The fear that has been placed in our citizens, is because we are easily frightened, despite having stubbornly faced a 30 year terrorist onslaught by the tigers, only for it to be replaced by an even more sinister band of thugs, who call themselves human beings, when they are the worst form of reptile known to man.

The link is to show the power of dissent, especially of the very young, and even those too young to vote, who have taken justice as a standard, and is willing to fight the powerful Chinese ideology in their desire for EXPRESSION. When personal expression is stunted, and stultified by a ruling ethos, there is only so much that can be tolerated by today’s youth who grow up in a new borderless world where the commonalities with their fellow brethren of a similar age far outweigh the differences, that bring the whole world together as one, borderless free zone.

The problems of water, fresh air, pollution, acid rain, deforestation, authoritarianism KNOW NO RACIAL RELIGIOUS OR INTERNATIONAL BOUNDARIES

Have you noticed how the Hong Kong case has spread like a wildfire to the whole world, where in ALL capitols, even in Colombo, the pro-democracy demonstrators have taken to the streets to demonstrate outside the Chinese Embassies, so that the point of their resistance is known to all.

It will therefore difficult even for the Rajapakses to defend their Chinese bedmates, as it is clear that their behavior is NOT acceptable and lying in bed with that lot will mean that fleas will latch on to them too till their end!

Well done you young HK youth, you have shown the way, lets get down to the serious business of saving our Country from the worst excesses and ruination it has ever been subjected to since creation, and first make every person understand that even though we sacrifice our future, it is the future of Sri Lanka that will be safe.      

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