Saturday, October 4, 2014

A doctor who should be accused of 2nd Degree Murder is allowed to practice again!

IN SRI LANKA – Such is the LAW!!!

Only in Sri Lanka, would a Magistrate allow a Doctor who qualified in Sri Lanka, and went to the US where he was banned from Practicing

Be allowed to practice freely See link: without conditions, even after a patient clearly died under his negligent care for a minor plastic surgery.

The Sunday Times article if read carefully is QUITE clear that this man is UNFIT to practice anywhere, let alone Sri Lanka. Why should our standards BE SO LOW to allow to him to practice? Why is there NO outcry by the Plastic Surgeons of Sri Lanka whose reputation is thus defiled by this Charlatan?

Is it that Judge has been BOUGHT? Is it because he has connections to the CROOKS in politics that give him immunity?

What of the unsuspecting patient who might die tomorrow due to the greed of the Acting Registrar of the SLMC who has failed to do the basic checks on the character of Nimal Gamage, who claims to be a certified Plastic Surgeon in the State of California. All the SLMC has to do is make just one phone call to verify his claim. Are we so idiotic as to be unable to do this, or is the BRIBE taken by HERATH the Acting Registrar enough to commit perjury in the Sri Lankan Magistrate’s court in making the statement on his behalf to the Judge Shahabandu.

Shahabandu in turn is also unfit to sit as a Judge letting loose such people on the unsuspecting public without as much as a rap on the knuckles and if this is the state of affairs in this fair isle who will want to participate in its fairness?

Jokes apart, if we put all the jokers in one cell, including the Judge, Prosecutor, Defense Counsel, Acting Registrar and Nimal Gamage and leave them for half a day without food or water, and tape their conversation, we will get at the whole truth without any reasonable doubt as to who is guilty and what the punishment should be! If this kind of commonsense is lacking with the people of this Island who oversea the affairs of health and law and order May God Help us.      

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