Sunday, October 26, 2014

US$100 to enter a casino! Is that another joke from a Country Bumpkin?

Now that word Country Bumpkin is his, to describe himself not mine, as I would not be so generous!     

The tragedy of a President who is the laughing stock of the world but a serious offender of the basic rights of the people he pretends to rule over, continues. This time with the big joke he thinks any commonsense person in Sri Lanka will believe.

Put simply, there are 5 licensed casinos in Sri Lanka. Outside the doors it says Foreigners Only, just so that the bouncers can show the sign and turf out any they consider undesirable. With so many Sri Lankans inside the doors gambling, that is also for show.

Now they will have a sign saying US$100 entry. That too is ALL SHOW. Except for the odd sucker, who does not know the Sri Lankan art of having rules just to trip people up, this too will never be enforced, as the Casinos, will not have any clients!!

Is there going to be a casino regulator at the entrance to each casino 24/7 who is not corrupt? Reader please answer that. So that is another BOGUS RAJAPAKSEISM to keep us entertained, that we have a BUFFOON at the Head of this Country and no one else.

In reality if there are spot checks to see if the casinos comply, they will be bought off, and all the regular clients will have employee identity cards, which preclude them having to pay this charge. For good measure they will be on the payroll also.

Ask the Govt, to please disclose on the 1st of the following month, the number of entrance tickets from the 5 casinos for which this US$100 fee is charged, and how many paid this! Just to keep the casino license, the Casino operator may disclose a BOGUS amount, and pay out of his pocket to the BUFFOON, and make the whole country a BUNCH OF BUFFOONS something a little better than BABBOONS.

Readers if you really believe what was said in the budget, pray tell me how that will be applied in practice and if you have been to gambling parlors except for a fee that will be used up by getting the equivalent in chips, who will pay this entrance?

This is another example of a person who is living under delusions of grandeur makes a living out of deluding an uneducated, foolish populace, who by his very own administration are NOT being properly educated. For his longevity, it is better to give an uneducated soldier a gun to hold on to rather than educate the people so that they can truly be productive citizens of this country, as he will be turfed out instantly.       

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  1. Looks like the colombo 07 NGO crowd who were having hopes of tricking the common people to vote for their American puppet are so frustrated after the budget. lol a president saves a country from the world's most ruthless terrorist organization and what does the colonial slaves name him? The country bumpkin! We will chose a country bumpkin that understands us any day over a brown kaffir whose given job by his masters is to carve out a mono ethnic self governing authority in 1/3rd of the country.

    lol do our elitists really think that we will vote for their candidate just because they called us uneducated and foolish? It just shows that they have already accepted the defeat.