Monday, October 27, 2014

The shameless GOSL – can’t even reply to the Cardinal on a simple question!

What what! Manners what is that? nothing to do with us!

The band of shameless brigands who have taken power in Sri Lanka, think they can play with the lives of the Sri Lankan people, like they have all these years kick them from pillar to post to further their nests and ends.

They now think they can do the same with the Vatican, as the President went personally at huge expense to the people of Sri Lanka for nothing more than mere personal publicity, and astrological desire.

Now the rumors of an early January election, has put the Catholic Church in a mess, and the Pope’s visit WILL NOT take place unless the election is put back to March.

As usual MARA wants it both ways, and very soon the stars will clash and he won’t have it anyways, so it is simple to make a proclamation, that there will not be an election in the foreseeable future, and let the Courts first determine the legitimacy of this action of holding an election and going for it for the third time.

Let the Pope come and satisfy his community, and the baptized kids of the President, and be done with it, without hassling the Catholic Church in this way.

It is time we move to set election dates where more than one election is held on the same day, forcing the people to make intelligent decisions on a whole host of policies rather than on hasty decisions on the suitability of a media campaign alone. I have not gone through the proposals of the 19th Amendment, and hope that the tabling of elections all on one day is mandatory.

Further forgetting term limits, it is time we now only have one term, like in Uruguay where a president can only seek election for ONE consecutive term, and later he can re-apply for another term after a break that would allow comparison, and choice, something that is not possible now.

It is now up to the Cardinal to draw a line in the sand, and say that as the President has not been straightforward enough to reply to a letter, hoping the delay will resolve itself, he should just say the Pope will overfly the Country and give it a miss as the timing is just not up to snuff!           

Let us then see what gives, ego, expediency, expectation, or the exercise of caution, and while all this goes on the slaves of Lanka are just left to wonder.   

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