Tuesday, October 14, 2014

It is time for Sanity out of Insanity when the POT CALLS THE KETTLE BLACK - a must read for SL expatriates

In a Country where no outrage on the part of the ruling class is even considered anything but normal, jocular, and typical of a murderous junta, when a mere University Don sends threatening SMS’s to a man whose rap sheet is longer than the most accused criminal in Sri Lanka history, it is time to take stock and just incarcerate Sajin Vaas Gunewardene for life.

If one goes into the Don’s case, one would most likely find that this scum of the earth was able to craftily take every earned penny from this poor man’s life. One of his biggest scams that have cost 100 people their hard earned money, is when he sells a vehicle, takes the money, and does not give the vehicles papers to the purchaser leaving them with a worthless car that he conveniently repossess. As these transactions are in cash and the people involved are well known, who don’t want to air their stupidity in dealing with a crook like Sajin Vaas, suffer the loss. Apparently this Don’s patience has snapped, and Sajin has paid off the cops to misstate the Don’s statements giving the reason for this rather foolish, but nevertheless logical act of a person who has been ruined mentally and financially by this rogue who if convicted for his crimes will have to do at least 10 lifetimes in jail, the rap sheet being so long.

For the Country’s President to allow him to roam freely is tantamount to admission that he is pimping for his Grace the big time Thief incarnate! How else would one explain inaction. When a whole country, even 135 ministers are threatened with exposure for their minor sins, when people get away with major crimes, it goes to the core fabric of what it is to be Sri Lankan.

If there are any out there, left in Sri Lanka who still have a bone left in their body, not compromised by fear, and threat, get out and chase these rogues over the precipice! Those of you who have fled as you cannot tolerate this nonsense, please do one thing. 

Convince your fellow ex-countrymen that this joker who runs this country really is more than the Devil in human form, and unless the Country can remove him and his band of rogues, we will not have a country left for you to even tell your Grandkids about the “Good old Days” when there was a country managed by altruistic honest leaders who ONLY had the welfare of their people at heart, and when they finally left their mortal remains in their motherland, they only had Rs400 to their name. Yes there was a time, and that time there was NO FEAR. No one waited for a boat to get out of Paradise, and the quality of life was even better then, than of Singapore or Japan. We can reverse time only by eviscerating the rogues, all whilst still alive.

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