Tuesday, October 14, 2014

The Politicization of Education by this Regime – injustice to Students

How ironic, insincere and downright treacherous of the President to make a statement yesterday, warning students, this time at Schools against  attempts by some parties to introduce political ideas that differ from that of the Govt.’s thinking into education.

This is just symptomatic of the Rajapakse disease that has taken control of Sri Lanka and is far more dangerous than the currently prevailing dengue epidemic, and potentially even more deadly Ebola epidemic, even if it spreads to these shores.

What pray is this disease? Simply put, reflect one’s own ills on to others. That is take on any social misstep or malaise in Sri Lanka, and after 10 years in power is completely one’s own making, but make an asinine statement that it has been caused by others, leaving one’s own white outfit squeaky clean, with the standard of treachery, the Kurakkan Satakaya, for the consumption of the uneducated!

Reality though is that inside that squeaky clean exterior is nothing more than pure excrement of filth of every mind boggling proportions that has engulfed this nation in a twirl of a tornado that at its edge is an abyss of ruin that this nation can never recover from.

Therefore it is with education also that this same pattern has been repeated ad nauseam, and where previously I have pointed out that the CKDU has also been a result of Rajapkse political expediency over the lives of tens of thousands of innocent people.

In Education, the appointment of Teachers, Principals, Professor, Vice Chancellors, and even the ancillary staff, is completely under the control of the Governing Politicians both National and Provincial. That can only mean before a child enters the Montessori, he is subjected to a politically corrupt, incompetent teacher. NO WONDER then that Education is not worth being called that and from now we should refer to it as Rajapaksarized Brain Removal Scheme turning Einsteins into Mental Deviants, who in other lands would have to be locked up in Sanatoriums for their own safety.

When these are the products of a Politicized education system, that is designed to prevent independent, logical and just evaluation of facts, how can a President who really is supposed to at least not be mentally unstable, make such comments that even the a permanently incarcerated schizophrenic would never make!!    

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