Monday, October 27, 2014

“Haal Paaru Set Aka Ge Kathawa” - Sajin vs Nonis part XXX

As another aspect of the tragedy that is Sri Lanka unfolds, the knives are out in force Chris Nonis, though I must say up front I shed no tears for him as he decided to lie in bed with leeches and got his blood completely sucked out!

Nevertheless, it is quite clear that he is the victim of a setup, and the evidence against him is all cooked up by those whose jobs depend on the people they are trying to defend and any fool reading the link will be able to ascertain the fact from fiction. I nearly fell out of my chair laughing at allegation that Nonis fell of his chair and hurt himself!

This is what happens in the ‘Classic Court of Treachery, when traitors to their country are still only interested in saving their worthless skin, when the reputation of their motherland and all innocent people who live in it is at stake.

As for Nonis, as I said earlier the classic penis envy is in full view of the whole set of signatories, including the full team at the High Commission, who should all be sent to the gallows for treachery, as they have done nothing in the UK to save the reputation of the Country from the LTTE Diaspora, and their continuous allegations that these spineless swine have not been able to resist!

Lets face it, the Ministry of External Affairs has been brought to its knees, and only those who are willing to suck the bum of the little boys who rule over them, survive, so it is a survivalist game, NOT of the fittest, only of the ones willing to sell their mothers for their paycheck!

I pity the Foreign Service operatives, who are caught between a rock and a hard place, unable to distinguish between right and wrong. Frankly they don’t even realize that what they do is against the interests of their own Country, and the long term interests of their families in Sri Lanka, unless of course they are looking at ways of getting the hell out of their motherland, families and all, saying anywhere is better than the hell hole they have been party to!

Just imagine the seething jealousy, of the HC ten, who are signatories to the fact that Nonis was even able to arrange for Prince Charles to drop in by Helicopter at his family estate for a cup of tea, not even something MR could would or will ever have a chance of doing, not that I rate it highly, but the HAAL PAARUWAS in London do.

They thought they have stuck their knife into Nonis in a typical Shakespearean Play,  but then in reality they don’t know who Shakespeare is!  So Nonis will have the last laugh.

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