Thursday, January 2, 2014

Maithri Guneratne – your challenge is another attack on the UNP - you love to hate and pretend you love!

The Charade that Maithri Guneratne has engaged in to ask the UNP for the ticket to contest the Southern Provincial Council which he barely scraped into last time is indicative of acting in his Masters interest.

Who his master is? Is a matter of conjecture, and as to whether it is Maharaja or Mahinda does not matter at this point, as it is directed firmly against the UNP which he publicly pretends to love, but actually by his actions hate with a vengeance.

So why does he persist in making this challenge to the new UNP leadership? He is trying to test its mettle! They MUST ignore the challenge as one from a dilettante who is not serious and paying MIND GAMES.

If he is accepted, then there is a huge question of why the UNP will admit and give a ticket to someone who planned so many direct actions against the UNP leadership over a prolonged period of time without any compunction and regret as to his actions. It will be seen by many in the UNP as a betrayal of what they stand for. Namely respect for its leader, acceptance of its constitution, and the needed banishment from the party for someone who continuously conspired with Maharajas to belittle the party and all the actions of its working committee and its leadership.

If he is rejected, he will go with guns blazing, saying he has been rejected by a revengeful mob from the Party he loves, and that is why he has NO option but to seek election with the Democratic Party. He is likely to win no matter who he seeks election from, due to the penchant of the Country, to give the vote to rascals just because they recognize the name for even infamous acts or foul play committed by him. He created a name recently by his crude behavior against the UNP courtesy of Maharajas who must have given him much support in his campaign against the leader, commensurate with their stance, and who acted superbly using the time allotted to him to sling mud on a daily basis at the UNP.

It is TIME the UNP call his bluff, and ‘out him’ for the true Rascal he is and NOT get fooled into his scheming actions against the party which is a continuing hallmark of his behavior and a leopard does not change its spots, and beware of pounce on the neck when one’s back is turned, and therefore unpredictable. The sooner disreputable characters who are mere publicity seeker are excised from politics for ever and consigned to the dustbin of history, the better it is for all of us seeking a genuine change from the politics of daylight robbery of the Country!                          

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