Wednesday, January 15, 2014

I get more hits on a daily basis from China than Sri Lanka which is only in 5th place!

Is this because even the Chinese understand what I write more than the Sri Lankans who are totally not interested in any political blog, reminding them of the realities in this Island, where we have a completely disinterested apolitical English speaking audience. The US, Russia, China and the UK seem to like what I write more than my own natives in the Country.

Is it because my blog is a must read amongst Chinese and all other students of diplomacy and foreign service because it is one that is considered a useful read in light of the angle taken and some tidbits of information, that may determine what the policy towards the Lankan regime must be. At least that is what I would like to IMAGINE!!! Wishful Ha! Never mind.

No wonder we just complain about everything as a nation and do very little about it. Whilst the politics of this country suck as they are now universally blamed for the state of the state of mother Lanka, what does the elector do? Continue to elect the same bunch of losers and now their sons and daughters who seek the same largesse of their parents. There appears to be no place for those who are really interested in making a difference to this state of anarchy that exists in Sri Lanka.

Whilst not all of my entries are of such interest there are a few gems that have been picked up by the intelligence agencies of all our diplomatic counterparts that matter, namely, Russia, USA, China, India and the UK, whilst our own intelligence agencies do not have the intelligence to grasp the gist of what is written, nor use it for their advantage.

The importance of writing on political issues in a country full of unproductive political intrigue purely designed to get ahead of one another, and nothing to do with the improvement of the prospects of Sri Lanka is lost on the local readership. Colombo Telegraph when we can access it, has the usual suspects both in the writers and in the commentators, but has singularly done nothing to change the landscape, rendering the writer and commentator impotent.

I do get some grudging respect from those both in Govt. and in the opposition and hope that in time, with more insightful thoughts, and interpretations, it will become a useful tool to policy makers and rational decision makers on putting country before self, which in the end is what the whole blog is all about. I believe that the potential of Sri Lanka has NOT been tapped yet, so way to go!!  

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