Saturday, January 18, 2014

Journalists seize the moment to come of age - Procrastinate at your peril!

The difficulty to distinguish right from wrong – The guilty finding excuses

The sad history of Sri Lanka since independence has been the need for politics to set aside what is good for the Country, and instead do what is electorally beneficial. One may pontificate that, in a true democracy, the electoral winners will do what is best for the Country. The voters will determine by a majority what is best, hence we need not fear a wrong detour in the path of progress.

IN Sri Lanka’s case, the Colonial grip, of divide and rule, has prevented a truly national patriotism from forming, and instead polarized ALL communities into ONLY considering their interests over and above the interests of the Nation State as a whole. I presume that the democracy that was bequeathed was good, but the practitioners, leaders of the communities, misused it for their own ends and self preservation of themselves and their narrow quarters.             

Its worst manifestation was when Mahinda Rajapakse ascended the Presidency. The fog of right and wrong has completely engulfed the Country, thanks to a very benign and sycophantic media, which I blame for most of the ills of today, and wrong has for the most part engulfed and suppressed the right!!

The Media is NO longer independent. Most of the Editors are nothing but slaves of rhetoric. Some are downright bigoted, hostile, and full of chips on their shoulders unable to rise up from the bog they still lie in and blame the hypocrisy of the West when the external forces against our obvious decent into Hades is pointed out. Some are still drunk on the victory of one community’s victory over another, all citizens of this tiny country! A truly pyrrhic victory.   

WE HAVE NOT attempted to solve our own problems internally, and then blame foreign powers who are trying to interfere to do that. Don’t ever forget that foreign interference is only because our citizens within Sri Lanka have asked for help. When our own citizens CANNOT find redress within, they go outside, just as Mahinda Rakapakse, with great threat to his person, did go to Geneva to complain to the UNHRC against his own Govt. and HR abuses in SL, because HE COULD NOT find redress within. “What is good for the goose must also be good for the gander.”

It is a joke when he blames foreign forces for trying to destabilize SL, when he indulged in the same game when it suited him. HE MUST understand better than these simpleton journalists why this is so. However he has got them dancing round his little finger, spouting nonsensical gibberish at the expense of peace and reconciliation in Sri Lanka, that appears NOT to be on the Agenda of the Rakapakse Govt. due to fear of become electorally insignificant. Otherwise why not show magnanimity?

Of course this Govt. is electorally bad for this Country. They have thrown away the “one off” (never to be repeated) peace dividend for starters. They have not done anything genuine, without a single honest bone in their bodies. They have an electoral plebiscite ONLY due to an overwhelmingly benign and malleable press incapable of understanding how grave the issues that have not been resolved are to the future well being of Sri Lankans.

I remember there was a time before the 1970 elections, when the common perception was that we needed a strong Govt. (electorally with a two thirds majority) to make the right policies. We know what the ruination of two thirds did to the Country. First was the disastrous Sirima Govt. with its nationalization policies, and then the equally disastrous JR Govt. of a free for all inevitable when we woke up in 1977 to find SL in ruin. If Sirima had not failed so tragically JR would NOT have needed to take the steps he did to get back to sanity, which later lead to insanity. The Rajapakse administration sadly has been the worst on all fronts.

The Development by the way of the Country is NOT thanks to anything the Govt. has done, it is simply due to the $50Billion that has been sent to this country by its people living and working all over the world. Actually our growth and development would have been much higher if we DID not have a govt. as this Govt. has actually been a huge break on growth and entrepreneurship, due to lack of faith in the legal system, as shown in forced acquisitions without compensation and the stratospheric level of corruption.   

This use of ricocheting all our sins back on to our detractors MUST stop. WE MUST BE ACCOUNTABLE.

The classic retort of the apologists for their crimes, is that their accuser is also accused of similar or worse Crimes. The Editorials of our papers, instead of owning up to the crimes we committed, whilst disowning those we DID NOT, are salivating over the latest allegations of both UK and American Servicemen and their crimes in Iraq and Afghanistan, and reports that have been submitted to the UNHRC in that regard. The implication being that OUR CRIMES pale in comparison to theirs. DON’T FORGET WE KILLED OUR CITIZENS they killed foreigners, there is a BIG difference in that fact.

WHY WASTE our time over other people’s shit, when we should be cleaning our shit first! Frankly I don’t give a shit about what other (as in foreign including Diaspora) are saying about us. I am more concerned about what our own citizens IN SRI LANKA are saying about what happened and continues to happen in Sri Lanka. Why can’t we simply understand that fact? Then hastily go about correcting that. We don’t need foreign advice or help to do that.

The simple answer to that is, we know we are guilty so we try to deflect the blame to the accuser as having ulterior motives. If we are NOT guilty why should we even bother with what any foreigner (as in country be it India, USA or UK) says? They don’t matter a rats ass to us.

If you accuse our citizens of lying, then bring forth the full force of the law, not incarcerate them without proper recourse to the Justice system. Or worse have them killed. MR understands the implications when he was in the same boat as being accused of treachery, at the time he was attempting to smuggle the dossier to the UNHRC in Geneva. What goes around comes around, that is the merry go round.

There are real grievances, and many of the aggrieved are playing politics in exaggerating them, so that the compromise solution, bears some sanity, to appease their electors. We just need to know how to play the game, without hurting their feelings. That is the art of diplomacy.

What I am simply saying is that we have a rotten Govt. who do not know how to lead. The Country has gone to the dogs because of it. All communities, if you give a plane ticket and visa 95% of the people will leave, a testament to the pontificating journalists’ patriotism. By the way I will not be in that 95%!!!

I prefer to stay and fight the traitors who rule us. They don’t deserve to steal our future from our future generations, for their personal aggrandizement. I don’t have the power to make a significant change, so I appeal to the patriotic editors of the press and broadcast media, to take a stand, draw a line in the sand and unanimously expose the lie. I know your pay check is only because you toe the line, and if you don’t you will be in deep shit. However if you are a true journalist, that is the risk you take to put your profession above the fray. That is what the fourth estate is all about.

Let us clean up the act. Regain the Rule of Law, and the Independence of the Judiciary and the separation of the Legislature from the Executive and Judiciary.

Everything else will fall into place from then on. It is up to you to take up the Challenge. Take a cue from your colleagues across pond in India. Aren't you all ashamed of yourselves when you look at the power of the Fourth Estate there?


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