Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Preet Bharara – He finally bit off more than he can chew – An end to an otherwise stellar rise!

A naturalized Indian, son of a Sikh father and a Hindu mother and currently US Attorney for the Southern District of New York, appears to have met his Waterloo, in trying to teach a lesson to a Dalit Indian diplomat (of a lower caste to Bharara) by accusing her of “ human trafficking in underpaying her servant!”

I think Bharara never in a zillion years realized how India as a country would come to the defense of a Dalit, instead of a servant Sangeeta Richard, as in India it a class war not a caste war! Sangeeta and presumably her husband, Philip are Kerala people most likely Christian and as the link reports, her in-laws had much to do with the US Embassy in Delhi in the past, and likely wanted to find a way to live in the US come hell or high water.

Living in Sri Lanka and knowing how the servants jump at a chance of going overseas, one can understand Sangeeta would do anything to convince a host country, that she was abused to make use of the laws of that Country, no matter what the truth was. Unfortunately the US people who represent such cases, like the NGO ‘Safe Horizon’ and their attorney, Dana Sussman have got sucked into this scam hook line and sinker, and even worse the US Embassy officer May, who arranged for the husband, and two kids! Of Sangeeta to obtain a visa and spirited out of India, and now deported, seemed to be part of this same do gooder syndrome, that has actually made matters worse for Sangeeta and Devyani in the process, as there are NO winners in events such as this.

This grandstanding on the part of Bharara, and publicity on the part of Dana Sussman have done untold damage to US, Indian relations, and I am sure these two individuals don’t care a damn about that, with their little kingdoms, being their way of rising to stardom or infamy. It is a shame that US Secretary of State did not have the balls to foresee this fallout, and instead, immediately apologize to the Indians and drop the charges against Devyani Khobragade.

Lets face it there is NO way that servants of third world diplomats who earn less than US minimum wage, pay minimum wage for their servants, no matter what paper was signed. Being guilty of a technicality should not apply to them, as the servant was on a diplomatic passport tied to the job. So that charge itself is a joke! This is not exploitation of a US citizen. The servant had non wage benefits, like lodging and food, which in NY is worth more than $10 an hour.
Firstly, the US does not understand the level of lying people go to achieve their objectives. People in the US are naïve and so when they accept sworn statements from Sangeeta as to her exploitation, they MUST understand that it is most likely to be lies. What mother would leave her kids with someone who was unhappy in her position? It would be asking for trouble on the part of the kids after all. It would be interesting if Sangeeta will be prosecuted for lying under oath to the Grand Jury that indicted Devyani!

Enough said, except to question the true motives of Bharara, who now comes across as a man with ambitions way above his station, and who is willing to sacrifice the interests of both the Country of his birth AND of his adoption, for personal ends, a traitor in fact to both. Just because he won the Rajaratnam case, and top Consultant Rajat Gupta in the Galleon case, why have they not caught the WASPs (White Anglo Saxon Protestants) who are just as guilty and engaged in the same scams that Raj and Rajat got up to? These are the real questions that need answers. Bernie Madoff was a Jew, so that does not count!

Whilst before I conclude, I must stress that the hiring of Richard was a mistake, that the elder Khobragade(Devyani’s dad, a retired civil servant trying to pull rank) must account for, as he must have thought making threats to the Philip was going to work, which was a bad move. This story is a good script for a movie as the undertones of caste, chips on shoulders of lower caste people, and the arrogance of higher castes, is so out there, it transcends continents.

In this made in India affair the families of Devyani and Richard are scarred for life, as they BOTH are the victims of a game played by surrogates, I have mentioned. As Devyani’s husband and kids are US citizens, it is time the US drops the charges against Devyani, as it is clear that even Bharara has been taken for a ride, and Devyani can then go back to the States and live a life of a quiet housewife bringing up the kids, and then go back to work once the kids are independent. After all if I was her, I would not trust any servant in any situation, who is bound to use the system to their advantage!

Preet Bharrara will eventually get what he deserves, which is a bruised ego, and the end of a stellar rise, as he was even on the cover of Time magazine, and counted in the top 100 most influential people in the US. 

This is a lesson for future generations, namely “in reaching your personal goals in life, don’t ever try to do it over the detriment to the lives of others, as those sins will come to haunt you one day, and do that which is right, and not technically right!” 

Morality after all is how you live your life, not how others do!!       


  1. There must be a psychological problem with Preet Bharrara with his Indian heritage. As the link here shows how many thousands of underpaid nannies from overseas live in New York mainly working for the WASPs!!!

    Say no more as to the duplicity of this idiot. He thinks we should be taking the nanny's side! What about him when there are so many he takes a case of a nanny who is on a legitimate visa where she has to work only for that employer and all legal!

  2. http://www.dailymail.co.uk/femail/article-2540015/Black-women-pushing-white-babies-Candid-photo-series-exposes-deep-racial-divide-New-York-nannies-young-wards.html

  3. Raj Rajaratnam got snared because they were able use unlimited wire tapping by invoking the Patriot Act. The Patriot act could be invoked because Raj had donated money to the TRO which was considered have strong links to the LTTE.

    Dont think Raj funded TRO because he sympathized with the LTTE as he also built a Tsunami village in the south.