Thursday, January 16, 2014

Who is in charge? Looks like no one is and the whole ship is about to implode!

Nothing it seems is what it is. If that was not enough, the classic method of hiding a whole host of ills, is to announce the next round of elections, and try and hide the absurdities and either pretend they don’t exist, or even better, promise to resolve it once they are re-elected to do so!!

It is this absurdity that is Sri Lanka. For Heaven’s sake, we are in 2014. We still have the railways department turn off their phone lines at 5 pm and only work Monday to Friday. They MUST have a 24 hour hotline manned at ALL times to answer customer queries and give them alternative means to resolve problems.

The worst scenario in this Republic of 110 Ministers, is that NO ONE takes responsibility for an issue, and instead pass it on to say, another Ministry, which bounces it back to the first point. No wonder it takes people so long to get anything done, in this age where time is precious and everyone is on a busy schedule. It is time a minister knows what his responsibilities are!

Even worse, people are taxed to the hilt, where food costs are one of the highest in the world, and NO ONE it seems is willing to protest! Why? Fear? Or apathy because no matter what is done, nothing really happens, so why bother?

It is shocking that a drug dealer’s money was sufficient for the Prime Minister’s son, Anuradha a lawyer by professions, to top the poll in the Central Province with the highest number of preferences, and mercifully is not the Chief Minister. Even more shocking is that as the Private Secretary to the PM he is directly responsible for attempting to clear a Container, that was found to be loaded with Heroin, at an unimaginable street value.

It just is not good enough for him to say he did not know, as they MUST have an idea of who is providing the funds for campaigning and the possible sources of their contribution, as well as the reason this help is given, especially when it reaches tens of millions of rupees. Actually the PM should have resigned immediately just to save face and clear his name, but I suspect he is too senile to do so, unable to grasp right from wrong. Is that who we have to be a heartbeat away from the Presidency? This my dear friends is the Wonder of Asia. The funny part is that this anomalous behavior is NOT seen as one that is serious enough to resign! I believe the mudslinging orchestrated by the Govt. to get the PM to resign, was met with deaf years, as the PM can claim to be tone deaf. The race is on for the ticket to contest, to make money and then some!            

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