Tuesday, January 21, 2014

There is no intention to do anything – when you are on a winning streak! - The Country is the loser

The Govt. has clearly NOT lost its winning streak and the forthcoming elections are likely to be a whitewash victory for the Govt. as the Opposition has NOT been able to regroup and field candidates of electoral appeal or winning message to win!

The Govt. knows that, and is ensuring that only ONE clear message is given to the public as part of the main election winning bullet! And that is that the foreign forces are gathering their guns ‘again’ in Geneva to try to destabilize Sri Lanka and go even as far as to try and divide the Country. The Govt. WILL NOT give into international pressure, which the Opposition are party to as well.

The people will understand this message as the papers and TV will be full of LTTE Diaspora agitation against the Govt. and this will be sufficient for them to draw the vote in defense of the Country, no matter what the domestic realities are.

What a fortunate position to be in? All thanks to a concerted effort of purposely NOT solving the Ethnic issue, as MR will continue to maintain what he said on his opening Victory Day Speech, “There are NO MORE MINORITIES” only patriots and traitors. The people in their infinite wisdom have dubbed the Govt. the patriots and the opposition and the TNA the traitors, and so I rest my case.

I of course have maintained right throughout this blog that I am only concerned about Sri Lanka, and not about jokers in power. I have therefore dubbed the Govt. traitors, and the opposition patriots and the TNA opportunists!

Until the International Community understands that everything they do merely strengthens the Govt. NOT weakens it, it is IMPOSSIBLE for the opposition to make headway in appealing to the people to understand the canard, and act responsibly in the overall interests of the Nation, and that the canard ironically is only going to lead to the eventual division of the Nation, instead of the opposite picture painted by the Govt.

IN a country where there are ethnicities and one minority is sufficiently vociferous especially internationally and noisy Tamil Nadu plays politics with this minority for their own ends, there MUST be a solution. We cannot ignore it by believing there are NO minorities. 

So why can’t the Govt. solve the issue. They CAN, but they will then just LOSE POWER. So can you blame the status quo!!     

The opposition stick in the catch 22 situation is gasping for air at this moment. The intelligentsia knowing this dynamic is doing nothing to correct the misperceptions, knowing that no amount of money can change the thinking of the electorate, when such a powerful electoral point has been handed to the Govt. on a plate            .

So they may as well join the sycophantic band, and enrich themselves. in the process.

In this Sri Lanka is the loser, and so those who contribute to the loss are the traitors!   

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