Thursday, January 23, 2014

How to counter Hirunika’s 300K preference votes – UNP must work together

It is NO secret that Sri Lankan women who form the majority of eligible voters, will yet again pull the rabbit out of the hat in electoral politics at the forthcoming Provincial Elections. Young women don’t like other young women to climb the ladder and will do what it takes to destroy and drag them down or at least pile the road with obstacles. It is called jealousy and so Hirunika Premachandra’s Achilles Heel are the young women voters.

She has become a media darling, showering her with so much coverage that NO amount of money can buy! It is a made for TV event, to the photogenic image of the product. It appeals to readers and viewers, and after all it is a package that is on the market for a preference!   

Of course the UPFA will hope they will vote for the other candidates if they don’t want to vote for HP, however it is an opportunity for the UNP Youth, the young team of guys who are seeking election at the PC level for the first time to target them. After all they are votes that would otherwise not fall to the UNP anyway, and in this fashion parade for preferences, it is NOT policy or manifesto (there are NONE) that the voters will be confronted with just that of the Same O or a change or a wasted vote by being disgusted by the  two main parties!

I suggest that for example, Anuradha, Dharshana, and Udara, pool their resources and work as a team in say Colombo Central and Kolonnawa the two hotspots from where the HP vote is likely to be most concentrated. This is not to say they forget the others, but they can just work together here as a youth team, with a new platform of youth to the fore, NOT dissing HP as that does not curry favor, but highlighting the good looks, with a photogenic, threesome that would appeal to the under 35 age group female especially from the UPFA ranks, and those who have NEVER voted in their lives, and are apathetic to vote anyway.

This strategy will not compromise the respective Organizers who would otherwise be very wary of interlopers into their turf, but as it is in the PARTY interest and not personal everything to increase the vote bank MUST be regarded as CRITICAL if the UNP can make any in roads into the current myth of the Govt.’s invincibility through lies and propaganda courtesy of the media that seems to pervade this political space of the day.

Hirunika’s preferences are likely to be in the 300K level, unless the UNP strategy as pointed out can make heavy inroads as the counter to her popularity as the media darling and obtain the contrarian vote of the UPFA female youth to persuade them that it is only them who can prevent a Frankenstein’s monster in the making!!      

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