Wednesday, December 25, 2013

Merry Christmas Mr Dobbs

At least you can relax and enjoy your Christmas meal in Sri Lanka. Just cancel the GLF if you were planning on retaining it, as you have to leave before it was scheduled to begin.

I presume if one read my previous four posts about the shocking treatment where a long term resident foreigner Mr  Geoffrey Dobbs was denied entry into Sri Lanka, one would have been able to understand why I felt that he was shoddily treated and if we on the one hand encourage foreign investors and then on the other hand don't permit them to come here due to one or more people not liking him and therefore determining him an undesirable, does not lead to any security of investment and intent of a foreigner if the or she invests in Sri Lanka.

There MUST be clear laws and rules in place to deny people we have granted residency, the right to return, as in the future there will be hundreds of thousands of foreign citizens, perhaps Sri Lanka born who will be living here, and to suddenly not permit them nor deport them when all their assets have been brought to Sri Lanka is something that must be clearly stipulated and legislated on, so that there is sufficient protection of these people.

Surely there are many Sri Lankans overseas, and do we mean that they can be suddenly and without warning be turfed out their country of residence. No they cannot without certain legal defenses.
I presume the Controller of Immigration read my blog entry and decided he would not like to be held accountable for treachery and relented, albeit on a temporary basis to let him in.

It will be interesting to see where this will end. It is bound to be used as an example to frighten ALL foreign citizens not to criticize the Government in any way to permanently have them refrain from making any comments that MAY be considered a slight against the rulers, even if the foreigner does not realize that is how it is being viewed withing Sri Lanka.

They are definitely NEVER going to enjoy their stay, as they never know if the locals will take anything they say out of context and misunderstand it for a slight, and promptly deport them just because some one took umbrage to something that was said to a three wheeler driver.

So a local can criticize the Govt to a three wheeler driver, but not a foreign citizen. Welcome to "Asiawe Aaschariya"

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