Sunday, January 5, 2014

Another case of De Ja Vu – this time from the Govt. – tails you win too!!

My last blog entry was about an individual putting his party in an intractable situation to further his own goals at the expense of the Country. This is about the Govt. doing the same thing, putting the future of the Country in jeopardy just to make sure they win electorally, and using the same dictum, of Heads you win and Tails you win too.

An announcement was made presumably following the first Cabinet meeting of the year, held at Temple Trees on Friday, that the Provincial Council Elections for the Southern and Western Provincial Councils would take place on March 29th a day after the end of the Geneva Round of UNHRC sessions.

So if the Govt. succeeds in winning that, they will be able to boast to the electorate that they were able to beat the Western Bullies and the Tamil Diaspora, who were trying to punish Sri Lanka for eviscerating the Tigers from this Land, and so gain a political triumph from the Masses despite the ever increasing hardships heaped upon the majority of the people.

If the Govt. is defeated, they still have the upper hand to inform the public that the Western Powers are working in Concert with the Tamil Diaspora to divide the nation, by accusing SL of HR violations, and for the people to give an unequivocal blessing by voting in the same, yet again to prove the world that it is mere sour grapes on the part of the Diaspora, intent on applying sanctions, because they could not wake up to the fact that the billions sent by them to the LTTE to win the war against the SL Govt. was a waste and lost, and much of the loot seized by the Govt. (we know it was seized, we don’t know who within the Govt. actual stole that which was seized, as nothing has been publicly accounted for even to Parliament)

This cunning plan, hatched to further continue the prolonged rule of the Govt. is done without shame, as the people of Sri Lanka are perceived to be foolish enough to believe the Govt. bellringers, and not able to think for themselves, what the real motives of both sides are.

It is time the electorate made up their minds, not out of spoon-fed offal, but by evaluation of the pros and cons of who they believe will be the best to offer them lasting peace and security, as well as an improvement in their quality of life. We only wish the best long term prospects for this country, and it is clear that the asinine way of the Govt. is not the path to its achievement.     

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