Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Wijedasa Rajapakse – Wishes he did not have to take on the JHU!

The personal attacks, the vitriol and the unabashed hate of a supposedly Buddhist party is one reason if one was looking for it, to prevent Clergy from entering Parliament. They have left no stone unturned to make sure that this bill is not even brought into debate. Their character assassination and their reprehensible behavior in their quest is so un Buddhist, that any true followers of the faith will not permit them to get away with this level of hate

The debate on TV was asked for from the JHU as they are able to marshal all the hate mongers in the name of religion, which if they have their way will be clear evidence of discarding their beliefs into the dustbin. It does not do the name of Buddhism any good. People in my opinion watching the program will clearly leave the faith. That is a huge indictment of the values placed by this group, when much of the country is facing quite a lot of hardship.

It is not likely that the Bill will become law even if it is presented, as it is not open to a free vote. A vote of conscience. I am sorry about that. The President has decreed that this bill is bad as the JHU is one of his men from the party, and he has taken their side.

When an opportunist does not use his upstairs, that is if he had anything there, and orders his troops to do as he says, they succumb to the fear of offending and then follow a pied piper into the lake and drown. People must learn to use their common sense. The only reason this proposal was brought into parliament or about to be, is because clergy in parliament have made a bad name for politics. So the credibility of the religion due to a few, has taken a hit. The Mahanayake Prelates, I am sure do not approve of this either but they are reluctant to offend other members of the clergy.

It is therefore unlikely that they will pronounce judgment on this issue, just hoping to sit it out. I believe they must take an active role, intervene and put a stop to the fight as it is giving Buddhism a bad name.

I believe that parties that bring hate to the political debate should be banned and actually all religion based parties too. However as the inclusion of Priests into it has brought hate via clergy to a belief that decries any type of hate, it must be obvious that they should not be in parliament as the next thing we know is a mass exodus out of Buddhism due to their bad example!! 

What would they have to say to that? A western imperialist plot, I bet!

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