Monday, July 2, 2012

“MARA PRAHARA” The end game in winning – PC Elections

It is now apparent why this administration is so cocky, and sure of winning the forthcoming PC elections. The first salvo was to get rid of irritants, ‘X news’ and ‘Lanka Mirror’ websites, banning them. (actually they did them a favor as they will re start from a proxy server overseas, with a guaranteed overseas viewership! And increased page hits)

As days go by it will be apparent that against all election laws, all the government machinery will be put into election mode, using all state vehicles for their work, and forcing contributions at the threat of economic ruin on businesses to contribute to their campaign and in the last two weeks an intensive campaign of violence to prevent the opposition parties from gaining any toe hold, by shutting them off in every which way possible.

There will be nothing the Elections Commissioner, or other NGO’s which want to see a free and fair elections, can do. They will be held hostage to threats and intimidation, and accusation as foreign agents when they cry foul! This modus operandi will determine the outcome, not the honest free democratic expression, permitted under the law.

It is important that the disgraceful behavior of the state machinery gets into the international media and goings on are highlighted, as we are unable to get a word in edgewise in the local media, without being held open to threats and intimidation, which nevertheless stifles expression.

It is very important that the people of Sri Lanka understand the environment in which disinformation is spread about the opposition and only alleged misinformation by the opposition is suppressed while the misinformation by the State grows daily, making it obvious what an ironic and one sided action the state is actively engaged in.

I appeal to commonsense readers to agitate for basic rights that are just not present in Sri Lanka, and to show in simple terms that there is just no freedom of expression. People taking the Government point of view do not understand that there is an opposite opinion to theirs, and that it should also be heard, however disagreeable it is to their thinking. They will not be able to see the rationale, but it is nevertheless to right of the individual to judge by making up his mind from looking at all sides.

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