Tuesday, July 24, 2012

The news is now official – at least of his indecision! – Come on Dayasiri

To counter the rumors I reported in yesterday’s blog entry, the news has now come in the press, and whilst not mentioning names, it was obvious who they were talking about. It is interesting that DJ is denying that he met the President when he had in fact met him. Lying comes quite naturally to Politicians and he is no exception.

So all we do is wait and see if he is alone or he takes a bunch of PS members from Kurunegala with him. Either of which is a blow in the short term for the UNP and a good sign in the long term to separate the wood from the trees. The dead wood has to be expunged before a dedicated bunch is given a place in the sun. It is important to note that this gives all talented young ones in the UNP a chance to shine and become known, like no one in the PA has a chance due to the family and feudal rule. It is important then that people realize and know it is a better platform to begin with, if they have the patience to stay the course.

The spanner in the works here is if the Govt. holds on to power by hook or by crook and with a combination of buying people in distress it is going to make it more difficult for the UNP to make a stand just yet and will have to wait a while before they can get an upper hand, whilst waiting for people to realize that the option is only them who can change the current state of play.

It is not going to be easy to get this message to the grass roots that the Govt. game plan is to buy all potential threats, to their side, plain and simple. Doing this they believe they can stay in power forever. Until the voting public cotton on to this trick, there is not going to be much relief to counter!

It is important that this message is clearly delivered by the UNP to their grassroots by their new media team in every electorate set up to put their point of view that is not getting an airing in the press. This subtle message that all this is a calculated game that is being played with the people of the country as the pawns who are taken for fools, must be bared open to all.

I believe that in time the message will get through, but it will take a lot more issues of bad governance and unbearable policies favoring the clan and their supporters that will make people realize they have been had. We are suckers to punishment, as we cannot see a good thing when it faces us, and look for means to extend our misery.  We believe misery is a significant part of life due to the belief system of most people in the country.

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