Monday, July 23, 2012

Dayasiri – Don’t JUMP for money – the word for that is Prostitute!

The supposed hush secret that no one is supposed to know but everyone is talking about is that Dayasiri Jayasekera the UNP Member of Parliament is about to jump over to the Government ranks for a shit load of money!

If that was not enough, it is a coup the Govt. wants to strengthen their vote for the upcoming elections, by using this crossing. Another reason the opposition will be unable to grab power this year. This especially after the Chairman of the Embilipitiya Pradeshiya Sabha quit and joined UNP due to the disgust over the corruption taking place and which he was pressured to partake in. So incensed was the MR at this slap against state corruption, that he wants to take revenge by catching an even bigger fish into his side.

So what is Dayasiri? He is merely a pawn in the game of perpetual domination. Apparently he has financial problems, and they will all be solved when he crosses! He will lose all credibility as a human being, as he has let down all those people who trusted him by voting for him in the UNP.

If he wants to cross, then he must resign as an MP and seek election to Parliament at the next general election as a UPFA candidate and see where that gets him. For him to cross over and sling mud at the UNP for money is so unconscionable, especially at this stage when the Govt’s every action is called into question, but they survive due to the disorganized opposition, and not due to any popularity for any of their actions.

He who learned under his mentor, the turncoat GL Peiris, preceded him in this sad saga, and to emulate such behavior speaks volumes about the integrity of this excuse for a human being. There is nothing worse in politics than when you let down people who trusted and voted for you for values and principles which you then dump and shove back at their face. This very cussed act only deserves contempt, and if he actually does not heed sane advice and let greed guide his move then he is merely an opportunist politician and not even an acceptable, let alone respectable human being.

If that is his personality, the UNP is cleaner for it. It will take them longer, being the unrivalled largest party every year since inception to gather their forces and show that they are the cleanest and least corrupt of alternatives, and it is merely their poor marketing that keeps them from moving into the positions of power, and now have to wait for MR to self destruct. 

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