Thursday, July 12, 2012

Sunil Handunnetti MP – We must do away with the Executive Presidency

The Sri Lanka Economic Summit concluded a few hours ago at the Cinnamon Grand sponsored by the Ceylon Chamber of Commerce, Sunil Handunetti MP age 40 representing the DNA but effectively from the JVP addressed a panel discussion of young MPs.

One principal reason he blamed for the state of the country including the violence and the crimes committed daily by the elected members of the UPFA government be they Pradeshiya Sabha, Palath Sabha or Parliament, is the Executive President who gives them sanctuary. The power of the Executive is so much that no one dare contradict him, even if it means breaking the law. Effectively those tasked with enforcing the law are themselves subject to losing their jobs if they uphold the law when it comes to miscreants who hide behind the Presidents coat tails and get him to intervene on their behalf.

While other MPs bemoaned the lack of law and order and the government goons who take the law into their own hands, he blamed all this fare and square on the powers of the Executive Presidency. Only this government with two thirds majority can do so. Ironically it was mentioned that both Mahinda Chinthana and Idiri Dakma which is the part two specifically talk about he abolition of the Executive Presidency and not just curtail its powers.

The irony was not lost on the audience where other panelist like Uditha Lokubandara and Navin Dissanayake along with Udaya Gammanpila tried to defend the record of the Government but in this crucial area could not touch the Sinhala speaking MP from scoring the goal, which is clearly on the agenda of the JVP which they will never be able to adopt as they do not appear to ever be able to form a government on their own.

It was interesting how he put in a lot of English words into his discussion to assist the listeners whose usual language would be English and so instead of using words that were difficult for the audience to understand he very correctly switched to the English so he could be better understood. To that I commend him as his message did get through to them. Just as a matter of debate it would be nice if he could change his ideas and move in with a party where he can play a major role in governing! A level headed JVPer.

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