Thursday, July 5, 2012

Must we hear any more GL Peiris hallucinatory theatrics in the Media?

Using the example of criticisms in the Sunday papers, of evidence of SL government tolerating anti govt. views, GL Peiris, the foreign minister in an International Forum in Japan completely rejected the allegations that Sri Lanka was clamping down on Press Freedom.

This was obviously as a result of the banning of two websites last week after a CID raid, and the resulting criticism by both the US Govt. and by International Journalists Organizations amongst others.

This incident shows how far out of reality these people, especially the Govt. allies are about the state of media. They simply choose not to accept that Journalists have been abducted, and murdered for their independent views. Using examples of the Press, that imposes self censorship, due to constraints, such as a threat of being closed down, and the pressure put on by the administration to remove lucrative advertising, all papers, especially the independent ones, offer mild criticism. If they expose what really goes on, they will be out of business.

Ironically, GLP points the finger at criticism as being permitted. That is because the reality of the needed criticism is far more extensive and not published, that which is reported amounts to an acceptable level by the state, lest the horrendous crimes attributed to the people in power be exposed. The exposes currently in the press are mere lightweights in comparison to the grave and heinous nature of the crimes committed daily by the Govt. elected representatives, or servants of the people.

The shutting down of an opposition web site was timely and the date chosen was when the opposition was in the process of conducting a workshop to spread the news through personal channels to the party faithful, as they were not able to get the clear picture due to the whole media, both, TV Radio and the Printed versions only showing what the Govt. permits!!! As a result of the raid, the opposition media seminar with people from all parts of the island had to be abruptly terminated, with the Govt. achieving another of its craftily planned objectives.

It is vitally important that the people of this country are well aware of the extent to which freedom is suppressed in this country, and it is the duty of a responsible opposition to highlight this through practical means.

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