Thursday, July 26, 2012

Karu jumps into being “the know it all” in the Controversy

I pointed out the gossip that was being spread about Dayasiri’s impending switch over to the Government Benches and the plea for him to rethink his stand. Now we have another person, this time Mr Karu Jayasuriya, whose task lately seems to be to pontificate on every matter of the day, this time to intercede and tell the press that he is not switching.

For him to make this statement with confidence means he knows something we don’t , or does he really? This ‘know it all’ attitude has now replaced ‘the will he wont he?’ controversy. It then begs the question as to what motivated both him and Dayasiri to get entangled in a series of speculations?

When one feels insecure in one’s position one resorts to this sort of unreal or shall I say irrational behavior. It is part of trying to find one’s place. Now that Karu has had a dose of it in the recent past, and especially when his future was sacrificed, willfully by the young pretender, when the latter had bestowed various other titles within his purview to him, he is engaging in controversy. It then begs the question if this is what you do to your friends, I dread to think what he would do to those who is not too fond of!

This political chicanery is fun for those engaged in it but totally disenchanting and humiliating to the support base, who are being led a dance. It is them who should come out and seek an explanation as to why these so called people of standing in a political party engage in petty feuds and rumor mongering to get attention, that is if there is really no intention of being a jumper!

Sri Lankan politics is becoming a farce, where all the real issues of the day are suppressed and the intrigue of politicians becomes the headline news. It is grossly unfair on the electorate to engage in this behavior, as the main issues of the day must get an airing, debated and resolved one way or the other. That just does not happen. How can the people force their leaders to stop this intrigue, and concentrate on facts and real issues that are common to most of the people. It is the responsibility of elected officials to take cognizance of these issues and seriously attempt to solve them. It does not happen, because real solutions are often painful, and people just do not know how to take a tightening in the interests of the overall benefit for the country. Our own selfish desires emerge in this situation and take over the social and economic issues faced by the citizenry. Let us force our leaders to order!!!

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