Tuesday, July 10, 2012

News has gone to the DOGS – is it that they decide SL Airlines roster?

We have enough going on in this Paradise Isle to be too worried about our national carrier’s schedules being altered to accommodate a puppy on a flight back from Europe. Why is so much fuss made about a puppy when it is quite normal for puppies to travel in aircraft all around the world as they are more able to adapt to conditions than adult dogs? If what the Sunday Leader reports even has a grain of truth we have a serious problem with abuse of power. http://www.thesundayleader.lk/2012/07/08/gota-goes-berserk/
It is further of interest to the reader that the Gossip9 website has had to delete a hilarious story in Sinhala (news in Sinhala somehow is more important in that it has a far wider reach) about the puppy and the shenanigans of the Defense Secretary in the height of absurdity. No doubt he does not want his true colors to be seen by all, as his pettiness will be laid bare for all to see through the veneer of respectability. I do not know if the removal of the story is due to the threat of closure or a direct threat to the people involved, but is another case of paranoia!

There is no point in my going over the gory details of ‘rulers pique’ but to note that in Banana Republics, tin pots think they are something more than!

This event has not happened yet, and we have yet to see what is in store for us on Friday the 13th when this canine is supposed to be carefully carried on a lap back to the isle in aisle.

It is bad enough that this country has to suffer, with the Leader using the state airline as his personal fleet, when it costs millions of lost revenue to reserve aircraft for junkets of sycophants to tag along for purposes even the junkies have no clue about. Now other family members are also attempting to jump on the bandwagon for a few favors too, raising the ire of the pilots union to the fore, which is how the matter appears to have come to light.

In a country when the rule of law is two tiered and applied only to mere mortals, and ruling classes have no law, it is difficult to resort to constitutional checks and balances as there aren’t any. When too much power is vested on one individual, power in the wrong hands can wreak havoc in the country, undermining all levels of justice and fair play. The citizens become slaves to masters determined to milk the system for their personal benefit. It takes a lot of courage for the people to first appreciate what is going on under their very noses and secondly do something about it.

Let us hope that the perpetrator in question, no less than the Defense Secretary realizes that he still has time to reclaim the moral ground and desist from such unnecessary action in order to bring a pooch, as the little fellow can come on its own none the worse for wear. Trust me I have done it many times with no problem, so why should it be any different for him?

Does he realize that at least 2500 pets, mainly Dogs and Cats are transported by air each and every day, very safely and without incident, unaccompanied!

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