Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Is it any wonder why we have elected leaders such as these?

The reason is Education! While we think we are a highly educated nation, we are really a nation of incredible fools. I took the heading of my last blog entry, namely “We are contemplating a program to educate parents and society with regard to rape and protection of children, RATHER than imposing punishment by law.” From yesterday’s Island paper and I gave the corresponding link to the article on the net.

There were some people who read the article and asked me what was wrong with that? When an MP elected with a huge number of preferences to our Parliament makes a statement such as that and readers DO NOT find anything wrong with that, IS IT ANY WONDER WE HAVE HE LEADERS WE DO? We obviously do not deserve any better!!!!

Simply put, when a person says that instead of (not in addition to) putting child rapists in jail, we must educate parents to protect their children from predators, and we find nothing wrong with it! Give me a break!

There is a saying “the Country deserves the leaders they have elected”. I suppose I will have to agree with that statement when we are unable to rationalize a simple statement made by a representative of the people. That is why we are struggling with such leaders, and why they get away with MURDER. No one seems to think there is anything wrong with it. We have just resolved to accept it and our leaders know it and carry on regardless.

Just look at the story of Julampitiya Amare, who was after a lot of public outcry taken in to remand on numerous warrants only after agitation. Until then the public were aware of his background, and also aware that he was operating freely as a local thug, under the protection of the police and the rulers. In fact a buddy of the President. Now he along with the Chairman of the Pradeshiya Sabhas who either accused of murder, or child rape are all NOT LANGUISHING but enjoying super luxury treatment in jails.

Still no hue and cry about it! Where are our investigative journalists? It is obvious that they are in fear of their lives. So they do not make any statements in the newspapers regarding inconsistent statements like the one above, nor do they raise the public’s notice to the unwarranted, treatment of the big name suspects on high profile cases who are in remand in airconditioned jail cells with jailors acting as their servants. REPORT THAT.

There is a long way for us to go to understand that there is more to education. We have a state that prefers to keep our citizens in this state of pretended education, where people are not give the powers to think for themselves. So they accept what is told, without even being able to analyze simple inconsistencies in statements. It is therefore impossible under the present political conditions to expect our country to throw out the deception and put people of integrity and merit, as that does not mean anything to the mass of the people!

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