Friday, September 9, 2011

The lack of a serious opposition is detrimental to good Governance in Sri Lanka today

The appalling behavior of the various arms of Government today, that is causing havoc from Faulty petrol, Cement and even the ravages of the Environment do not get the amount of media and people's attention that a democratic country needs to keep the Government in check from going haywire.

A weak opposition such as we have now is a huge reason for effective protests against this sort of bad governance to say the least but wholesale corruption, which sums up this rule. The opposition needs resources to investigate further some of the corruption, as it is difficult to go through the processes without the help of an army of investigators much like in a police force to uncover some of the detail. Making allegations as is done now with little proof, except circumstantial evidence will not stand in court. The Govt. aware of this weakness is now so brazen in the level of corruption knowing they will not be caught, adds  urgency to this task.

To make a point by way of example I would like to highlight the completely fraudulent nature of the sale by SLIC and purchase by EPF of around 1,600,000 shares in Central Finance, which due to the intervention of intermediaries resulted in a loss of over Rs1B. Therefore the wholesale abuse of the resources of the EPF where they bought shares at a huge premium instead of buying directly from one institution, namely the Sri Lanka Insurance Corporation is a case in point. The circumstantial evidence is overwhelming that a fraud of over Rs1B occurred, but to prove this all the facts have to be brought to light, and the bank accounts and phonetaps of the fraudsters who include the Chairman of these organizations and going right to the top of Government, requires more research to present the evidence. Whilst the opposition is fully aware of the situation, they are reluctant to bring it out into the open until more facts and evidence is available to be presented even in Parliament.

It is important therefore that the true patriots of this country are able to unite to fight this rule, that is harming the very existence of the people who seem to unwittingly support this government, not fully realizing that they have been completely taken to the cleaners, by the very same government that purports to serve them.

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