Saturday, September 10, 2011

Press Complaints Commission - third parties permitted to complain - How about what is not written?

In Sri Lanka there is a Press Complaints Commission where people who are adversely affected by what has been written are able to write and get some kind of redress, usually in the form of an apology and a retraction, but generally not more. Now third parties that fall into some categories are also permitted to complain on behalf of others. All this sounds well and good, and one must also remember that they are guided by some sort of ethics code, and this whole thing is self regulated, with people appointed to hear the claims and rule on them if necessary.

Sri Lanka's news is particular in that what is not reported often seems the most important, and we cannot complain that the Press, and in this case all forms of media, all Newspapers in all languages DID NOT REPORT the said important newsworthy item. We cannot complain to anyone about that non reporting item.

It is the inability of the Media in Sri Lanka to identify true newsworthy items which is at the bottom of this problem. So much unimportant news is reported, which only because it is reported is made news, that it is farcical to use so much newspaper reporting to report such nonsense. Certain Newspapers have their pets to report on, and the State one's are the worst. They even would stoop to report a Presidential fart as being newsworthy, showing the level to which some of those people in those particular establishments have fallen from their journalistic norms into slavery or sycophancy.

It is time all Editors had a close look on their prejudices and go back to Editors School to realize what a pathetic bunch they have become, and before long they along with the Newspapers they represent will just disappear and being not relevant in today's society. Why do we have to wait for that to happen before we take steps to correct it? Surely we should act now!!!

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