Thursday, September 15, 2011

The shenanigans in Geneva Sri Lanka vs Human Rights Council - sessions

It is disgraceful for the Sri Lankan delegation to go to Geneva and make pronouncement whose complete statement is rejected by the elected representatives of the Tamil people about whom these pronouncements are made. It therefore makes a mockery of the statements and they to any independent observer sounds as if they are just trumped up lies that have no bearing in fact.

Why it is that these people disgrace the name of Sri Lanka, I do not know. Before making these statements they should have got the Tamil people of Sri Lanka to agree to the statements they were expected to make, and therefore when they were made the Tamil people's representatives will give credibility to the statements.

While this argument sounds very simplistic, many of the times the answers to weighty problems are very simple. It should therefore be incumbent upon the elected government of Sri Lanka to discuss and come up with an acceptable compromise which if accepted by the Tamil will give all the credibility they need to counter all allegations made against Sri Lanka by the outside world.

This difference of opinion on the course of the war and its aftermath is at the heart of the disagreements and disputes which will not disappear until some form of acceptance for the sins is made. It is important to realize that there is an articulate voice inside Sri Lanka representing the feelings of the Tamil people and if the Government disputed their version, they should take legitimate steps to prevent falsehoods from being perpetrated.

This statement made against all the claims made by the Sri Lanka government is powerful coming not from a terrorist outfit but by those representing the Tamil people. That is why this problem needs to be speedily addressed as I cannot see Sampanthan and his merry men giving any slack to this government!!!

Truth hurts, Lies hurt even more.

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