Friday, September 9, 2011

The Pomposity of our commentators

I recently wrote a comment in an article and bemoaned the rape of the Environment taking place daily. Even the Environment Foundation is about to close its doors, and pack their bags as there is no point in even going to court as the Independence of the Judiciary regarding the protection of the Environment is particularly compromised. The situation has got that bad and before long we will have nothing to protect.

One of the readers was so off put by my saying it has never been that bad, that he pointed out the worst excesses of the British Administration in Sri Lanka, saying how they cut down forests and grew tea plantations and that they killed all the animal life and hunted various species to death.

This brings about a question about when we complain about anything, how far do we or should we go back to point out the flaws in a person's argument. If one lived in those days, we can imagine the plight of the poor illiterate peasants who knew how valuable the trees and forests were to the nation, but it was the big boys or the Suddas who decided their fate in the 1800s. Now it is the Kalu sudda in the guise of the local corrupt politician who should know better than the the Sudda who is raping his own backyard of its trees. The Sudda came from somewhere else and stole. Here we are stealing from our own kith and kin,

What may i ask is more reprehensible? So when complaining be proportionate to the issue in hand without bringing unneeded bias from the British Raj to have a go at some insecurity over the British Rule you may have a grouse against!!

The Bottom line is that the citizens of Sri Lanka have given this country over to a bunch of sick people who are selfish uncaring and completely without morals, who are indulging in daylight robbery with the complete support of the people who are affected, much worse than the British as it was without support from the locals then!

It is our duty to save our nation from these Brigands and Robbers and there is no other patriotic act than that.

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