Monday, September 12, 2011

The Government delegation's approach to the UN HRC sessions in Geneva

It is with interest that I read the first pronouncements of the Minister heading the Delegation to the HRC sessions in Geneva, today, Mr Mahinda Samarasinghe. It sounded convincing that he believed the party line of the Government which seemed unchanged from the previous sessions. With the opening Statements by the UN High Commissioner it was apparent that she refused to budge from her stance of the fact that SL was indeed culpable whatever the story put out.

So we are in for an interesting time, as the Government further wants another delay of 12 months before Sri Lanka is debated post the LLRC report which could conceivably argued was delayed so that it would not be issued prior to these sessions so that one could buy time and hence delay something hoping in Sri Lankan terms that it would go away as by then events would have superseded the problem!~!

This issue has taken so much State time, it is only the people of Sri Lanka who are suffering from this in the international sphere and they are not the people on trial. Only a few in the leadership are implicated and to save their backsides we have all got to play a game. It is not at all reasonable that the country should pay for the sins of a few and as they are too selfish to realize it and put it squarely as a problem the for the country we continue to suffer the ill effects with no respite.

It is also apparent that whatever the country does they are not going to be able to slime out of this, as India is not going to support Sri Lanka at all and they have all the evidence of wrongdoings which they have hitherto failed to supply to the UN HRC as they want to as a matter of last resort use it to blackmail the Rajapakse family to behave in a manner suitable to India, and accordingly use it as a trump card when needed.

The Chinese will not support Sri Lanka and neither would Russia as neither country deem this a worthwhile cause to back, in the interests of their own issues that they face in the international sphere. This game of global politics is something we think we can play but do understand that we do not have any credible allies to defend us and the reason for the previous year's resolution going in favor or Sri Lanka was more in line with giving a pat to Sri Lanka for having defeated the worlds worst terrorist outfit and not for any love of the Regime.

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