Wednesday, August 31, 2011

So much for Chinese graft of Sri Lankan bureaucrats

It is interesting that Wikileaks as I understand has exposed the reason for so much Chinese supposed Investments in Sri Lanka as the bribes they have paid our Politicians in order that they approve extremely dubious (by that I mean unproductive, too costly, with long term implications in that high interest loans have to paid, and environmentally contentious projects of dubious technology levels being implemented) overpriced projects dotting the whole country.

To be fair India is also trying to exert a level of influence in this regard too and we have also approved similarly dubious projects emanating from them, but not anywhere near the level we have obtained from China.

With a government full of traitors who have accepted bribes for which the future generations of Sri Lankan especially today's youth who will have to face the consequences of the aging population where they will have to support more people per working person, is very regrettable. In my opinion this blame must be laid squarely at the top, namely the President who appears to revel in receiving more and more honors from the Chinese in return for turning this country over to their complete subjugation.

We are now looking forward to billions of dollars more of loans to take the Southern Highway to Hambantota, whilst putting the more urgent one to Kandy in abeyance. Such logic which will show eventually that we would have spent zillions in an area of Sri Lanka that actually does not need this kind of development by any stretch of the imagination, when that same amount of money could easily have been spent on more productive projects that would have more instant returns to the economy is in itself a further example of traitorous actions on the part of the Regime, which no one seems to have pointed out, due to self preservation.

It appears to me that it is easiest to bribe Sri Lankans over any other race, and the resulting National disaster will have to be paid by all future generations with no time limit. This can be stopped in its tracks now if sufficient people either write about this to the papers or other media to let their thoughts be known, followed up later by protests and turn the country into a "Sri Lankan tropical downpour" much in the nature of the Arab spring but a completely home grown version of it to throw out the traitors once and for all.

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