Sunday, September 25, 2011

Negombo UC election - Acceptance of funds from Sajith Premadasa

It was reported in the Sunday Lakbima English paper that Ranil Wickremasinghe and Dr Jayalath Jayewardene had called all the candidates of the UNP for the Negombo UC not to attend the meeting set up by Sajith Premadasa in Negombo yesterday,(Saturday) and accept the money he was offering.

It further went on to say that the UNP as a whole has not assisted any of the candidates and that only Colombo Central UNP candidates had received any help. One cannot vouch for all the statements, but it went on to say that most of the Ngombo UC candidates attended the meeting with Sajith Premadasa and accepted his money.

What are the consequences of this action? Obviously Sajith is firmly against Dr JJ who is considered a rabid RW supporter. So it was obviously meant to completely irritate JJ by going to Negombo and meeting all these candidates and handing over money. It is true the candidates can tell JJ they had no option but to accept money from even the devil himself because the party or JJ were unable to help them and they desperately need some money to carry on their campaign.

Additionally there is not a shadow of doubt that JJ will not look kindly at those who accepted SP money if the UNP win the election. What would you do if you in the shoes of the candidate and you were neutral in the party hierarchy shenanigans? Well I would take the money, but hold no obligation to SP, but will forever remember who helped me when I was desperate for money and if I feel that extra bit helped me put me over as a UC member then I would be correct in saying that SP helped me put me over to win. What can RW and JJ say to that?

This is very tricky politics and if money talks then that is the status quo in politics today. However as a week is a long time in politics, people forget who helped them and who did not in a millisecond once the next benefactor comes along. That is human nature. Even if I have been helping someone with millions for years and then stopped, the person who helped with last 1000 a day before the election may get all the thanks and goodies once the election is won. That is how this game is played and there are no sure friends in politics.

It is interesting to ask if SP helped any of the three councils coming up for election in the Hambantota District, as that is Sajith Premadasa's electorate. If he has not then it can be insinuated that his help for Negombo was for only won purpose to irritate a person he does not like in the guise of Dr JJ. now that is petty politics for a senior politician. Which means that SP has a long way to go before he can even show leadership qualities if he is using money to buy favor!!!


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