Thursday, September 22, 2011


The President of Sri Lanka has a son in parliament named Namal Rajapakse. He is a good Rugby player who now plays for Navy, but latterly his politics has somehow turned from irrational to totally mad. I originally thought he was well brought up to add to the foreign blood that he has that makes him fairly well built when compared to the average 25yr male in Sri Lanka.

The problem of a Presidential son who uses his position to gain money legitimately and illegitimately for causes both good and bad takes the lack of governance to another level in Sri Lanka. Lately he has begun to make threats to the electorate that if they fail to vote his party in at the elections for whatever body he would either evict people from their homes or even worse. Simply making such statements which are not questioned at all as being inaccurate is in itself the work of someone of unsound mind. In a true democracy one does not gain power by the use of threats, It is done by persuasion and action, showing that your policies and plans are far better than your oponent's. It is truly a tragedy that a person who is just learning to take a leadership role in politics is making such acinine statements on the campaign trail thereby making a fool of himself and in the end ruining a promising political career. Can anyone of sound mind vote for him when he says crazy things like that?

It is time therefore that we wake up to the reality before us, and determine if we want crazy horses running in the race or saner ones. The option my dear friends is a no brainer if we wish to live in a civilized society.

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