Friday, September 23, 2011

A tin pot's mindset . It has to be seen to be believed

Seeing the photo MR with near Obama reminded me of the dash to be with Bush act that MR indulged in much to the consternation of Bush and others who were heaved along the way of MR's great desire to be photographed with others.

A great leader which is what people try to portray MR, is not one who leaps across a room to be near someone else, far from it. One who is too shy to be photographed (aka Manmohan Singh) I cannot understand why MR does not learn a thing or two about leadership. Perhaps it is because at all times he is trying to play to the gallery back at home, which is all he cares about. One's image at home and how it could be enhanced is all that on his mind. Not in doing anything positive for Sri Lanka to enable the country to go places.

All these opportunities that have been presented to MR to improve the stock of Sri Lanka have failed miserably, only to pass in the area of self promotion for one person. It was so ironic that in the same paper when Ahmadinejad was being shown as being a complete dickhead in using conspiracy theories about 9/11 in an esteemed forum such as the Head of State's address to the United Nations to make an utter fool of himself.

MR is supposed to speak in the UN today, and I can only hope he can be constructive and put forward the case of an inclusive Sri Lanka where all its citizens can live safely where there are sufficiently well drafted laws that will protect all its citizens from all forces of evil.

I am not one to get personal, but when it comes to the affairs of my country and I see utter contempt for the country and its people, by way of trickery and daylight robbery, I get terribly offended and feel that if only the people knew the truth about the state of abuse in Sri Lanka they would not hesitate to send the whole clan into permanent exile for the crimes of treason and extortion.

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